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  • Updated errata, new blogpost about tuples, and more Amazon reviews! (Jun 15)
  • Python 3.3 alpha 4 released (May 31)
  • Added plus.py from the blogpost (Apr 6)
  • First Amazon review comes in (Mar 28)
  • Book published, debuts at PyCon (Mar 9)
  • Initial errata online now (2012 Feb 27)
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  • Core Python Programming companion helps readers become versatile developers via a variety of topics
  • Written in the same relaxed style as earlier Core Python titles makes for easy reading
  • Code snippets to full apps in both Python 2 & 3 (or be compatible with both) + migration tips
  • Powerful insights into current and best practices for the intermediate Python programmer
  • A variety of exercises at the end of every chapter to help hammer the concepts home
  • Core Python Programming 2nd ed.
    For existing programmers desring to learn Python as quickly and as in-depth as possible.
  • Python Fundamentals (companion DVD)
    DVD+workbook for programmers who prefer to learn via video lectures before coding.
  • Python Web Development with Django
    For developers who want to learn this web framework.
  • Core Python Programming 1st ed.
    Original edition from 2000 and still relevant for those who must work in a 1.5 environment.
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