Recent/Upcoming Events

I travel regularly, speaking at Python, Google, and/or technical/educational events around the world. Please introduce yourself if we're at the same event... I love to chat with readers!

  • 2020 Oct - Frontiers in Education - Uppsala, SE
  • 2020 May - GDG Cloud meetup - Santa Clara, CA
  • 2020 Apr - CCSC-NE - New York
  • 2020 Apr - PyCon - Pittsburgh
  • 2020 Apr - Google Cloud NEXT '20 - San Francisco
  • 2020 Apr - CCSC-SC - Dallas
  • 2020 Mar - CCSC-SW - San Diego
  • 2020 Mar - SIGCSE - Portland
  • 2019 Dec - DevFest Lisbon - Lisbon
  • 2019 Dec - DevFest Leeds - Leeds, UK
  • 2019 Dec - DevFest Douglas - Isle of Man
  • 2019 Nov - CETPA/CITE - Los Angeles/Anaheim

    Author Biography

    +WESLEY CHUN, MSCS, is the author of Prentice Hall's bestselling Core Python books & companion videos, co-author of Python Web Development with Django, and has written for Linux Journal, CNET, and InformIT. In addition to being an engineer & Developer Advocate at Google, he runs CyberWeb, a consultancy specializing in Python training. Wesley has over 25 years of programming, teaching, and writing experience, including helping create Yahoo!Mail and Yahoo! People Search using Python. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Music from the University of California, and loves traveling worldwide to meet developers, whether at a technical conference, user group meeting, or on a university campus. Wesley is a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation and can be reached on Google+ or Twitter (@wescpy).

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    While I do not intend on creating a retail shop, I wish to make things easy for those looking for signed books or difficult-to-find merchandise. Need the Korean translation of the first edition of Core Python Programming, or the Chinese translation of the 2nd edition?

    It's a privilege when readers ask me to sign their book so I do not charge for autographs. Either find me at an event, send a SASE for a bookplate, send your book to me with return shipping, or get it here! Be sure to tell me if you want your name included as part of the signing and how to spell it. Here's what I have available for purchase (signed or otherwise):

    Contact me if you're interested in any of the above. I only ask for market price plus a modest fee to cover shipping & handling to the US (more elsewhere). Contact me privately to discuss your shopping needs or to send me an SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope).

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