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[Python Fundamentals]

• Added links for the sample video and a sample chapter (Jun 22)
Python Fundamentals published (2009 Jan 2)

I'm excited to bring you the LiveLessons DVD video companion to my bestseller Core Python Programming. It consists of a set of presentation slides accompanied by my voiceover as well as a "workbooklet" which contains auxiliary reading material to complement the video. The video course consists of individual lessons that correspond to specific chapters from the book and pretty much follows the same flow, with the slides being a derivative of those that I use to teach with in my Python training courses.

Do not expect this to be a video of me just coding for you... there are plenty of "show me do" videos that do this. Rather, you're getting a direct preview of lectures from my intense Python courses bundled with key material from Core Python Programming including exercises to help you build a solid foundation in Python development.

The course drives at delivering the fundamentals of the language itself... topics I consider the most important to learning the language well and are covered in the equivalent chapter(s) in the book. There are also code snippets in the presentation that you can try while watching. My narration is careful and deliberate so you won't be overwhelmed by an instructor who whizzes by things too quickly nor by one that just spouts technobabble; however be forewarned that I'm much more animated and enthusiastic in-person, and hope to see you in one of my training courses in the near future!!

Although it will not be as comprehensive, if you are looking for an alternative way to solidifying your Python skills in addition to reading a book, we hope that the Python Fundamentals video LiveLessons DVD course is the perfect tool for you!

Below we present some of the artwork found on the box:

  • front and rear covers of the package
  • "workbooklet" cover, detailing each lesson + running time

Front Cover

[Python Fundamentals]

Rear Cover

[Python Fundamentals]

Inside/Booklet Cover

[Python Fundamentals]

[Python Fundamentals]
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